Securely Access Your Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises today use more than 90% of applications that are hosted on the Cloud. The Cloud offers benefits such as quick deployment, scalability, and dramatic cost savings. With the ever-growing demand for private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, cloud security becomes of utmost importance.

Logixpro Cloud Security practice helps our customers embrace cloud securely. Thus, our customers stay protected from cyber threats anytime they access information on the cloud.

Our Offerings

Web Application Firewall

In today’s application-driven IT landscape, hackers are moving away from traditional hacking approaches to advanced techniques like layer 7 attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Session Hijacking, etc. which cannot be effectively countered by the Next-Generation Firewalls.

Next Generation Firewall

These specialized next-generation firewalls ensure unprecedented levels of security for the systems hosted on cloud. NGFW provides granular control of traffic based on the application users and other parameters to avert any possible unauthorized access to IT systems.


Traditionally DDOS has been associated with volumetric attacks i.e. overwhelming the target system by sending excessive traffic thus denying the service that was supposed to be rendered. With time, the DDOS attack has evolved and now become behavioral/low volume attacks which are more sophisticated. The advanced DDOS capabilities are now matured enough to mitigate DDOS attacks via behavioral analysis and on the fly signature generation to mitigate attacks in real time.


To ensure protection from Zero Day and targeted attacks which the traditional security tools may not be able to detect, Sandboxing comes to the rescue in such scenarios. The Sandboxing can be integrated with the network gateway devices as well as certain endpoint devices to address the threats possessed by Zero-day Malware as well as facilitate intelligence sharing across various infrastructure components.

Anti Malware

Anti Malware solution ensures continual security for all activity performed by the users on cloud application, from any device, and at any place including proactive protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, spy-ware, ransom-ware, and new variants which emerge regularly. Connected threat defense delivers rapid response enabling faster time-to-protection and reducing the spread of malware.

Micro segmentation

Today’s modern data centers leverage multi-tiered architecture which requires granular control between the various systems and data sources. It enables the customer to intercept traffic, gain visibility and allow application-aware traffic between two servers/VMs within the same subnet/network range.


Encryption ensures that the data is secured from unauthorized access through public-private key infrastructure. Encryption will ensure that the data is accessible only to the authorized personnel based on certificates irrespective of data location.

Email and Web Filtering

Considering the cost and effort required to maintain an on-premise web/email security solutions, organizations are now adopting hosted email and web security services which are cost-effective, secured and backed by written SLAs.

Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing (VAPT)

A vulnerability assessment indicates the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the network components. Vulnerability Assessment can also be termed as the process followed to identify inadequately secured cloud applications or networks. Assessments also generally include multiple approaches for prioritizing and applying additional security actions for fixing and shielding systems from threats.

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