Powering a new era of digital journeys for enterprises looking to introduce integrity, scalability, and security to businesses.

Blockchain Service Offerings

Starting from blockchain consulting to delivering hybrid exchange development solutions, we have the expertise in making decentralized technologies work for your business.
Blockchain Consulting

Use deep expertise on Ethereum and Corda for delivering enterprise-grade blockchain innovations.

Blockchain App Development

Develop fintech DApps on Stellar, MultiChain, and OpenChain for driving enterprise resilience.

Blockchain Cloud Services

BaaS solutions that enable enterprises to migrate to blockchain-enabled clouds fast.

Private Blockchain Development

Get custom-built protocols for a business-centric private blockchain on MultiChain and Ethereum.

Solidity Development

Harness Solidity expertise in building smart contracts that ensure process integrity every time.

Hype ledger, Hedera & Multichain

Following AES to develop high-performance distributed ledgers at speed and scale.

Blockchain Service Offerings

Blockchain Capabilities

Unlock the enterprise value of a blockchain-powered network with us. We have the skillset that will help your
business reinvent its value chain with blockchain.
NFT Development

Development for seamless exchange of digital assets and intellectual properties.

DEFI Development

Create an open source and transparent financial service ecosystem.

Hedera Hashgraph Development

Transact in secured and trusted environment by integrating the operations with Hedera Hashgraph.

Token Development

We provide a wide array of end-to-end token development services.

ICO Development

Get the required expertise to raise your Initial Coin Offering with minimal steps.

Smart Contracts Creation

Design and develop custom smart contracts with blockchain features and digital agreements.

Asynchronous System

Parallel processing increases the number of transactions per second sustainably.

Crypto Exchanges Development

Ensure smooth enterprise-grade trading in multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

Blockchain Framework

Get the expertise on top frameworks to develop blockchain-based applications.

Key Focus

Blockchain is a contemporary technology with the potential to build a foundation for creating unprecedented business models
Supply Chain

Blockchain can provide increased supply chain transparency, as well as reduced cost and risk across the supply chain.

Financial Services

The financial industry is getting redefined by the blockchain to generate revenue, bring process efficiency and reduce risk in business operations.

Retail and

From streamlining operations to reducing complexities at all levels, blockchain has a lot to offer to help e-commerce businesses grow.

How We Make Blockchain Work for You

Our blockchain implementation journey comes with the steps of identifying the goals, choosing the right blockchain platform, preparing designs for the software, and building and deploying the application.
Use Case Assessment
We will qualify the client’s business processes to finalize the best-fit use case for blockchain implementation aligned with the client’s success criteria.
We work on the prototype to test identified business case assumptions and get the required considerations on practical aspects of the use case.
Solution Design
With the detailed requirement, we work on the design and will build the overall system architecture with highly refined processes according to the client’s vision.
Build & Implementation
We select and implement specific blockchain technologies that can be used, taking the client’s present and future requirements into consideration.
Integration Legacy System
We integrate legacy systems including the processes of third-party providers with blockchain and internal systems for asset management activities.
Mainstream Blockchain
With careful implementation & integration of blockchain, distinctive capabilities of the technology are leveraged to build more robust controls.