Logixpro Facility Management System

Logixpro Facility Management System is a software that helps maintenance teams to keep record of all assets.
Logixpro Facility Management System (LogixFMS) is a software that helps maintenance teams to keep record of all assets, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and keep a historical record of work they perform along with powerful reporting features. LogixFMS is designed to act as a database that contains information about maintenance activities of assets in a facility. You can use this data to help your maintenance team do their assignments more effectively.
Asset Register
LogixFMS is underpinned by a powerful asset register system. Full asset details can be saved, viewed, maintained or updated through a single input screen. Asset registration has various fields such as basic details, barcoding, insurance details, purchase details etc.
Preventive Maintenance
LogixFMS is especially good at preventive maintenance (or PM) and scheduling recurring tasks. Organized scheduling helps out the PM workloads for a maintenance team to make sure that tasks do not get forgotten or delayed. Forgotten or delayed tasks are automatically color coded by LogixFMS to get immediate attentions.
Reactive Maintenance
Reactive Maintenance (or RM) functionality provides a rapid response to problems with assets. Maintenance request can be directly generated through “Register Request Panel”. In addition to that, Complainant can track complains with tracking number provided by the system. Moreover, LogixFMS also provides feedback and rating functionality to complainants against the maintenance work done by workers to ensure the fair audit.
Recording Asset History
Many maintenance teams have to take care of assets with a lot of previous maintenance details. These assets may have a long history of repairs. When a problem comes up, it is always useful to see how this problem was solved last time. In LogixFMS, when repairs are done, they are recorded in the asset’s history log and can be reviewed by workers.
Even more

LogixFMS provides feature of a dashboard and KPIs for management and decision maker. Dashboard module collects the data and presents the Key point indicators in graphical form to understand trends of maintenance over the time.

Users and Permissions
With LogixFMS, Software administrator has an authority to create new users with access roles and permissions.
Exploit the information within the LogixFMS to drive better decision making with powerful reporting module.
Technical Team
LogixFMS provided functionality to manage details of Technical resources.