SolaredINsight (DLP) Solution

SolaredINsight is a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to monitor employees' digital communications at the workplace.

SolaredINsight is a comprehensive solution tailored to help information security teams identify the early signs of arising insider threats that may lead to serious financial and reputational damage. SolaredINsight provides convenient tools to establish communications surveillance across the corporate network so all the captured traffic to be analyzed against the preset and configurable threat patterns.

SolaredINsight is capable to help solving the two main types of tasks. First, as a classic Data-Loss-Prevention solution, SolaredINsight allows for monitoring, filtering and analysis of each message for confidential information presence. Second, when used to identify corporate fraud signs, a different approach is applied. For this purpose, Solar SolaredINsight accumulates the employees' communications, performs profiling of their actions and real-time detection of indirect and minor signs of high risk activities of employees and anomalies in their behavior. These mechanisms allow for retrospective analysis and incident investigation using the full archive of employees' digital communications.