Software Development

Efficient and user friendly software's’ tailored to your business needs.

Blockchain Experts

Team of advanced blockchain experts to assist in your next decentralized venture.

Web Development

We develop tailor-made Customized Web Application for all the niches.

Games Development

Games that will keep your audience hooked for constant dose of thrill and interaction.

Mobile Development

Customized mobile apps for all platforms with latest technology aspects.

Design & Prototyping

Highly interactive and effective designs that are absolutely admired by audiences.

Performance QA

Improve quality of business services with transformative quality assurance & automation solutions

Managed IT Services

Complete IT services for day to day core operations with unmatchable support.

Software Development

We provide complete software development services which are extremely customizable to easily align them to your business and industry. We are always there when it comes to growing your business & making it more productive through software development. From software architecture to support & consulting, we have got you covered.
Technologies: NET ( Core and Legacy), Java, Angular, HTML 5, Bootstrap, JQuery , PHP Core, MSSQL, MySQL





Blockchain Technology

Blockchain This rather new technology is also being developed by Logixpro Technology Systems. We work on various aspects of Blockchain Technology including wallets development, DApps, Private and Public Blockchain, Smart Contracts, ICO portals, Hyperledger POCs and a lot more for all platforms.
Blockchain Technologies: Solidity, Mocha, Chae, Truffle, Open Zepplin, ERC 20, ERC 23, ERC 30, Hyperledger, Corda, Monax, Hyperledger Sawtooth, NEM Blockchain, Multisignature wallet, Brain Wallet, MasterNodes, Stellar

20Again Blockchain

Quaestor Blockchain

Web Development

Logixpro has successfully executed many successful web apps which are working flawlessly and generating great businesses. We use the most interactive web app designs and most reliable technologies to ensure that the experience with the app can be best possible.
Technologies: Laravel, Magento, Code Igniter, Shopify, Cake PHP, Core PHP, React JS, Angular JS, Node JS, Django, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap

SCMC Awards

Universal Visas


Game Development

Logixpro develops advanced 2D, 3D and isometric games and even large scale games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Amazon and other popular platforms. Our games get really good ratings and are loved by people of all age around the globe.
Technologies: Unity3D, Blender, Cinema 4D, Z Brush, IBM Watson (AI)

Chase Race

Ali & Sumaya's Let's Pray

Mobile Apps

We have quite good experience in developing the most user friendly mobile applications. Our developers are expert in making high performing, full of features and transformative mobile applications for all the major platforms. Our apps are loved by the users because of their highly interactive and smart design as well as responsiveness.
Technologies: Android, iOS, Swift, Objective C, Java, React Native, Ionic



Managed IT Services

The managed IT services from Logixpro offers you a various range of IT & allied services which are important for day to day functions of different organization. We assist in executing all tasks from critical to core operations in very efficient and cost effective manner so your business can grow to its full potential.
Technologies: Ansible (Infrastructure Automation), Dockers (Containerization), Zabbix (Continuous Monitoring)

QA and Automation

We have great IT process automation framework which responds quite well to customizations too, we can improve the efficiency and quality of your business solutions. Our automation services will reduce the cost and delivery time and will make your systems highly productive, making them respond consistently and efficiently.
Technologies: Jenkins, Selenium, Protractor, GitLab

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