Logixprop Property Management System

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Our software designed to meet the requirements of small and mid-sized landlords and property managers. The web-based solution offers features like property contracting, property accounting, tenant and landlord management, CRM and reporting.

Property Management

With Logixprop, property owners have a better visibility of their occupied and vacant units. The solution offers tools to capture tenant and landlord details, monitor building and property by individual status, Property owners can send notification alerts or any other news that need to be shared with tenants or landlord.

Contract Management

Manage all contracts at one place, check paid and remain amount for each contract, track whole the history, manage you profit and assigned agent margin. get expired contract and remaining amount notifications.


Keep track and manage your clients, landlords, tenants, resellers, partners and companies contact details. create personal and company events, create and assign opportunities and task to agents, log calls details.

Comprehensive Reporting

More that 55 difference predefined reports for Buildings, Properties, Contracts, Financial and VAT, CRM Companies and Contacts including clients, landlords, tenants, resellers, partner and agents, events, tasks and calls and many more. even you can customize reports as per the need.

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